Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10-12-13 Spiritual Direction

We are always in the process of becoming the person God created.
We are human, seeking to become filled with God.

There is a direction to Spiritual Direction.  It is THEOSIS:  Incorporation of the person into Divine Life without losing the person.

"Theosis" is an Eastern way of thinking
"Eternal Life" is a Western way of thinking

Both point to the same result

Spiritual Direction is to ascertain and discover our promise.  It is a process that occurs on an ongoing and regular basis.  Here are some reasons:

To learn to be attentive to God's Grace
To deepen awareness of God's Grace
To explore what obstructs our attention to God's Grace
To name and honor near occasions of God's Grace
To find the Grace offered in loss, grief, anger and fear
To be conscious of God's Grace in moments of transition
To make important decisions in light of God's Grace

The EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE is a daily discipline associated with the development of Spirit.  Its purpose is to look over each day from the perspective of our proximate direction.

As Aspirants to the Diaconate, our "proximate direction" is: ORDINATION.
Our long term direction is:  THEOSIS.

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